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About Us

Scantech is the world leader in providing process control solutions for bulk materials.

The very wide range of available technologies and control software ensures that the right solution is chosen in each application.

Initially, we saw ourselves as instrument manufacturers. We soon realized, however, that we also needed to supply display software. And then, on the basis of the instrument’s results, we¬†implemented automatic feedback to help control plant operations. Now our products have evolved to the extent that we define ourselves as providers of complete process control solutions.

Our staff have hands-on industrial experience and know the challenges met in real life situations. We have the skills and understanding to deal with clients from various industries and countries. We provide a complete solution totally integrated with each client’s operations and then form a long term partnership with our clients to ensure that they receive the maximum return on their process control investment..

""The economic benefit gained from use of the Coalscan on-line ash monitors in most cases results from control of mining and plant operations closer to the required specification ash content. A number of independent studies have estimated the benefits of on-line ash analysis to average more than A$500 000 per year per installed gauge.""

csiropedia.csiro.au March 2011