Cement & Concrete

Production of Cement and Concrete

Scantech provides the cement and concrete sectors with online analysers for a wide range of applications and locations. Over the past three decades, Scantech analysers have become a standard process control tool in the Cement Industry.

We provide real time quality analysis of Raw Materials for Premix, additives for Raw Mix, Fuels or Concrete ingredients. Our software can minimise Stockpile and Raw Mix variability by controlling feeders. We are active in the following applications and sectors:

  • Stockpile building and Raw Mix process and quality control – Material elemental analysis and feeder control
    o GEOSCAN-C – Mass elemental analyser based on PGNAA Technology
    o BLENDSCAN CEMENT – Software for blending materials before stockpile or before raw mill
  • Fuels quality control – Elemental analysis
    o BALZSCAN 9500X – Alternative Fuels mass elemental analyser based on PGNAA Technology
  • Fuels quality control – Ash content and Calorific Value (CV) monitoring
    o BALZSCAN 2100 – Alternative Fuel ash and CV analyser based on DUET Technology
  • Raw Materials, additives, fossil and alternative fuels quality control – Moisture Monitoring
    o TBM 210 / TBM 230 – Through Belt Moisture microwave monitors
    o TBM 260 – Through Bin Moisture microwave monitor
    o TBM 280 BaleScan – Through Bale Moisture microwave monitor
  • Concrete components dosing – Moisture Monitoring
    o TBM 260 ReadiMoist – Through Bin Moisture microwave monitor

Scantech works closely with clients to discuss the customisation of data measurement frequency, analyser specification and appropriate precisions to suit process control requirements to ensure maximum benefit of measurement data and its smooth integration into plant operations.

""The economic benefit gained from use of the Coalscan on-line ash monitors in most cases results from control of mining and plant operations closer to the required specification ash content. A number of independent studies have estimated the benefits of on-line ash analysis to average more than A$500 000 per year per installed gauge."" March 2011


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