BALZSCAN 1500 is an economical on-line ash monitoring system which is easily installed directly under production conveyor belts.

The major features of the BALZSCAN 1500 include:

  • Easy installation and simple operation – installed during routine shutdown
  • No radiation sources – no licensing needed, uses natural gamma from material
  • Under belt configuration – suitable for high tonnage applications
  • Fully automatic operation – no operator intervention required
  • No moving parts – low maintenance costs
  • Automatic electronic stability checks – drift free performance, custom calibration
  • No operational upper limit to alternative fuel size or bed depth
  • Flexible system interface to suit specific site requirements
  • Non-contact technique – no wear components
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Designed for long product lifecycle

"It is vitally important to realize that an accurate knowledge of the grade of the ore that is mined, processed, and railed to the port is crucial to quality control and blending operations"

Dr Ralph Holmes Sampling and Analysis Conference 2013


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