BALZSCAN 2100 is the latest generation of Scantech’s DUET gauges that can be used on Alternative Fuels. It incorporates over 40 years of accumulated operational experience gained since COALSCANs were first developed. Custom calibrated to each material type, the BALZSCAN 2100 provides unmatched measurement performance.

When combined with a TBM Microwave module, the BALZSCAN 2100 can provide Moisture and Calorific Value.

The optional SuperScan output display system is available or the results may be displayed on the plant process control system. The very high speed response of the BALZSCAN 2100 makes it suitable for such applications as sorting and product monitoring.

"Modern online analyzers make it possible to permanently control the raw material quality delivered from the quarry to the stockyard even if the deposit is disturbed and the raw material quality varies over a wide range"

H Lieberwirth, Takraf Gmbh, Cement International, 1/2013