COALSCAN 1500 is an economical on-line ash monitoring system which is easily installed directly under production conveyor belts.

Coal quality data provides active process control, with timely information on ash content to make decisions that maximise the value of the resource and minimise operating costs.

The system does not contain any nucleonic sources and therefore does not require site to obtain a radiation license for its use.

The analyser uses the natural radiation signature of the coal and known correlations with the ash composition to derive coal quality information. While not suited to all coal deposits in the world it has been successfully used and beneficial in many locations, e.g. Australia.

Typical applications include:

  • Ash content monitoring
  • unexpected dilution detection, mining problems
  • truck haulage misdirection
  • product quality bypass


"Modern online analyzers make it possible to permanently control the raw material quality delivered from the quarry to the stockyard even if the deposit is disturbed and the raw material quality varies over a wide range"

H Lieberwirth, Takraf Gmbh, Cement International, 1/2013