Steel Production (coke-making, iron-making, steel-making)

The feed to steel making processes should be optimised by elemental composition and moisture content. However, due to the production and storage methods employed, the composition of iron ore and concentrates, fluxes, coal, coke and other raw materials can significantly vary and need to be thoroughly monitored. The main elements influencing the basicity of the blast furnace sinter (Ca, Si, Mg, Al) and other quality parameters (Fe, P, C, etc) should be accurately measured in real time to blend ores and control additives in the sinter feed mix.

We provide real time quality analysis of ingredients to improve control of process feed variability. You can refer to published Scantech articles in steel magazines, with specific areas where measurement is essential for management of downstream processes:

  • Coke-making process control – coal blending, moisture measurement requirements and benefits
    • COALSCAN 9500X – for ash, S, Fe, Ca, etc. components control for coke quality
    • TBM 210 –  moisture control for coal dust, etc.
    • CM 100-S – moisture management of coke, etc.
  • Iron-making process control – sinter quality, iron ore, coke, and limestone, moisture measurement benefits in furnace feed, refer European steel project demonstrating PGNAA measurement benefits for sinter using B2 (in references listed below),
    • GEOSCAN-S – advantages in higher specification systems for B4 measurement including Al and Mg, capability to measure C, P, and other elements, faster measurement (2 minutes standard, 30 seconds option), etc.
    • TBM 210 – for sinter feed moisture monitoring, dry tonnage determination, etc.
    • CM 100-S – advantages of representative non-contact on-belt measurement over in-hopper systems
    • SizeScan – 3D Particle Size Distribution monitor, volume
  • Steel-making process control – recycled steel, contaminants, moisture
    • GEOSCAN-S – measurement of scrap steel for quality management
    • CM 100-S – moisture measurement for dry tonnage determination

Scantech works closely with clients to discuss the customisation of data measurement frequency, analyser specification and appropriate precisions to suit process control requirements to ensure maximum benefit of measurement data and its smooth integration into plant operations.

"Homogeneous fuel is a key parameter for ensuring high levels of efficiency when burning coal"

Norbert Spennrath Kima Echzeitsysteme, World Coal July 2012


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